Multi Dimensional Leisure Global Hub

Multi Dimensional Leisure Global Hub

MultiDimensional Leisure LLC

Multi Dimensional Leisure Finance investment and banking

5 Oct 2022

Mineral resources; Water purification; Pen pencil and stationary 

Gemstone; Ruby; diamond; platinum; white gold; Tiles and Marbles; and all interior design; exterior 3 design print and manufacturing on micro and macro level

Drones and satellite embedded sonar optimization 

30 Sep 2021

Blockchain and Fintech for cryptocurrency and medtech for medical and wellness tourism

Blockchain artificial intelligence technology innovation drives to financial breakthroughs in the modern era; with sophisticated and mutual trust among multiple of individuals globally. Health care ofcourse is very important is the leisure is aligned. As a global family we need Global access to everyone and individually participate for a helping hand so we all unite together as a whole big family.
16 Mar 2021

International finance and investment

  • International banking and investment.
  • International shareholding
  • Foreign Direct investment